Blogger Editing via ${EDITOR} - GoogleCL

Google CL allows the use of google tools over command line. This allows amazing things like editing google docs in vim (or emacs, if you're into that sort of thing). There's also blogger and picasa functionality, and you can dump your entire google calendar to stdout (in csv format, so start brushing up on your awk).

One of the things that's blatantly missing, however, is blogger integration with your favorite editor. Hopefully, this post will fix that, as it's doubling as my test of google-cl blogger integration and my blogger script.




timestamp=`date -r "${BLOGFILE}" +%s`

${ed} "${BLOGFILE}"

newtime=`date -r "${BLOGFILE}" +%s`

if [ $? -eq 0 -a "${newtime}" -gt "${timestamp}" ]; then
 title=`head -1 "${BLOGFILE}"`
 /bin/sed -i '1d' "${BLOGFILE}"
 echo 'Posting to blog "fmt >/dev/internets"'
 ${GOOGLE} blogger post --title "${title}" "${@}" "${BLOGFILE}"

rm "${BLOGFILE}"

File inclusion courtesy of :r. Now that makes me happy.


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