Making uzbl a little more vim-like

In the process of tweaking my uzbl config to be a little more vi(m)-like, I've made several modifications:

<<, >> (scroll to begin, end) are replaced with the more correct gg and G
b, m (next, previous page) are replaced with vimperator's H and L
t opens a new tab in uzbl-tabbed, so I removed it from the config
B (add bookmark) replaced with the more correct m
u (load bookmark) replaced with the more correct `
y2url is just long; y is the original vi(m) for it anyway
:q should also exit; unfortunately, this happens immediately and I haven't figured out how to require pressing as part of the command

Swapped case on F, fl, and FL to match vimperator better

And finally, since google.com automagically moves the focus to its input area, I commented out the "home page." gh still goes to google, though.

Uzbl-tabbed modifications:

I used to have ^W,h and ^W,l switch between tabs, but haven't gotten this to work correctly in the latest version of uzbl yet. Instead, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab move between tabs.

And, of course, the colors have been modified. I find the color scheme I've got helps improve readability. It also color codes based on SSL/non-SSL, even with tabs that aren't selected.

My current complete config file can be viewed here.



  1. Both the links are 403 Forbidden...

  2. So they are; my apache is apparently misconfigured. I've pushed the files to my github repository and changed the link in the post.